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High-Quality Home Remodeling and Renovation

Post and beam construction is our passion. We perform each historic restoration project with painstaking precision and attention to detail. We also believe it’s important to make our high-quality services available to those who want the best outcomes for their home remodeling efforts. That’s why we proudly offer our tradition of enthusiasm, skill, and excellence for your non-historic remodeling jobs in Colchester, Connecticut and the surrounding areas.

Our Promise to You

“Our work isn’t done until you are 100% satisfied”  

Historic Restoration Facts

Is historic restoration more expensive than traditional construction?
Modern construction emphasizes speed, deadlines, and mass produced parts. Historic construction focuses on skills, techniques, and authentically recreated components. Historic restoration has inherent expense factors. Still, Black Sheep Post and Beam strives to offer excellent work for a middle-of-the-road price.
How do you restore windows in historic buildings?
A machine-tooled replacement window looks out of place in a historic building so we repair and reglaze each window then add coats of primer and paint. When we complete the work, it looks like someone did it 200 years ago.

Non-historical Restoration

At Black Sheep Post and Beam, we believe that our customers deserve our best. This client-focused expectation is reflected in every construction task we perform. We are proud of our years of dedication to construction knowledge, creative and artistic education, and old-fashioned discipline. We appreciate your trust and promise to bring our expertise and dedication to every job we complete in your home, whether big or small.

  • Door and entryway restoration and replacement
  • Bathroom and kitchen remodeling
  • Window restoration: leak repairs, replacements
  • Trim repair or replacement

Structural repair

When your home requires structural repairs, it’s important to get it right. Beams, columns, and other components are crucial to the structural integrity of your entire home. Before we begin your project, we perform proper shoring and bracing to ensure structural stability during the restoration process. As with any job we perform, we take our time to make sure each task is done properly and that the end result is attractive and durable.

  • Beams – remove and replace old timbers with new
  • Columns – upgrade old columns with modern replacements
  • Decks – deconstruct aging decks, rebuild to maintain the original character of the home

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