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Barns With a Historic Look and Feel

At Black Sheep Post and Beam, we believe your barn should be a beautiful extension of your home. For Connecticut homeowners who think the way we do, we make that concept a reality. We build your barn, tool shed, or outbuilding using post and beam construction and historically authentic techniques developed by builders centuries ago. The end result is a barn with an elegant, historic feel that’s worth celebrating.


Built to Your Specifications

We design your barn and build it with post and beam construction. We include features that are important to you. Your building can be simple or it can be an elaborate structure with interior post and frame walls and a loft. It can be customized for mowers, gardening tools, lawn care implements, pool storage, or play. We create a unique barn that meets your needs.

  • Custom sizes
  • Exterior and trim colors coordinated to match your home
  • Multiple storage compartments

An Old-Fashioned Barn-Raising

When we built a garden shed for a Marlborough client, we wanted it to be a building they could feel good about. As previous customers, they knew our painstaking design methods and our hands-on construction process. They appreciated our ability to create a structure that was uniquely theirs and they wanted to be active participants in the completion process.

Our team did the timber-cutting and heavy lifting. In keeping with centuries-old barn-building customs, the children performed the owner’s tradition of driving the first wooden pegs. The client celebrated our final construction efforts with an old-fashioned barn raising and barbecue with friends and family pitching in to raise the walls.

Barn Construction Facts

Can’t I get good results with a packaged kit?

It all depends on your goals. Clients hire our barn construction company when they want a structure with a historic look and feel that enhances their property and compliments their home. If you don’t mind a mass-produced design, a construction kit may be a good option for you.

Must I host a barn raising?

Barnraising is an old-fashioned family tradition that’s compatible with our historic way of doing things. It allows you to participate in the construction process, but you don’t have to. Our team can use lifts and cranes to raise the walls and finish the job.